Electrical Toothbrush Repair Instruction, Replacement Battery and Repair Service

General FAQs

Q: Is battery you sell new? Do you test the battery before shipping?

A: Every battery we sell is brand new unless specified otherwise. Every battery is fully tested for proper charging and discharging before shipping.

Q: I am an international buyer, why the tracking number doesn't show anything?

A: The number for International USPS First Class is for Customs clearing and is NOT a tracking number. USPS does NOT provide tracking on International First Class, unless it is more expensive International Priority/Express mail (even for these, tracking limited to within USA). Packages are normally shipped within 1 business day after ordering. International delivery usually takes 2-5 weeks and the variation is largely due to Customs clearing.

Q: Can a toothbrush handle using NiCd or NiMH use Li-ION battery instead?

A: No, Li-Ion can NOT be used as NiCd or NiMH replacement as it is in different size and voltage, thus incompatible.

Q: How do I know if I order the right battery?

A: Some handles, such as Braun Oral-B Professional Care Triumph models, use various lengths of battery, depending on which countries it is sold in. For these handles, access battery before purchase in order to determine the correct size (sizing information is provided in the listing). For other handles with one-size battery, as long as your model name is specified in the listing, then you know that listing is the correct one. The model reference can be used to determine the model name of toothbrush. You can check other listing for your model in my store or contact us for help.

Still, it is recommended that you access/extricate the old battery before purchase so you know there isn't any existing circuit board damage or other problems, such as water leakage, corrosion etc. Additionally, you will have better estimate on the difficulty involved and decide whether you want a battery replacement service (check my store for service listings) or DIY.

Q: Do you repair if toothbrush has other problem other than weak battery?

A: Yes, it is possible for some toothbrushes. Repair is typically limited to swapping major parts, such as motor or circuit board, with refurbished ones. All successful repair comes with 30-day warranty. Please contact us for details.

Q: Can you advise on packing and shipping the handle? and the best shipper to use?

A: USPS is usually the cheapest. For peace of mind, add delivery confirmation. For a few bucks more, go with the speedier USPS Priority mail (either flat rate envelope or flat rate small box). Fedex and UPS are more reliable alternatives.

Q: Should I wait until the battery in my toothbrush is completely dead before I change battery?

A: It is highly recommended that you replace battery at the first sign of a failing battery. Continuing using for extended period could cause battery to leak, damaging electronic components.

Sonicare Model FAQs

Q: Do Sonicare Elite and Elite Pro use the same size and type of battery?

A: Yes.

Q: Some FDK/Sanyo battery doesn't have FDK/Sanyo name on it? Is it a really FDK/Sanyo Battery?

A: If it is specified in the listing as a FDK/Sanyo battery, then yes, it is. Some product lines of Sanyo were acquired by FDK years ago and these product lines continue. Either the model number (for example, KR-xxxx) printed on battery or special mark (for example, HR) inscribed at the terminal indicates FDK/Sanyo product line.

Q: Is there any issue charging the NiMH battery instead of the NiCd in the Sonicare Elite handle?

A: NiMH and NiCd batteries are compatible in charging and discharging. Both can be used in Sonicare Elite handle. The benefits of NiMH are NO memory effect, much larger capacity, environment-friendly chemical.

Q: What is the turnaround time once you receive the item for battery replacement service?

A: Typically two business days, sometimes shorter. We spend time to inspect handle, replace battery, and battery charging-discharging test afterward. Sometimes it takes longer if there is complicated problem. If there is existing problem that new battery installation makes no sense, we will provide you, via email, a detailed inspection report, which also describes any repair attempts we have tried. So please stay tuned to your email regularly after you ship your handle for repair.

Q: The green power on/off button (rubber covering) on Elite handle has ripped away. Do you have a way to repair it?

A: You will have to replace the whole plastic "shell" cover as there is no easy way to change just the green button. Provide the model number at the bottom, we might be able to find a matching good condition used cover.

Q: Do you repair Sonicare Advance or Essence handles?

A: Sorry, we don't repair Advance and Essence handles. However, replacement battery for both models is available in our store for DIY and we highly recommend the higher capacity NiMH.

Braun Oral B Model FAQs

Q: I have an European Triumph model with the shorter 42mm length battery, would the 48mm length battery (larger capacity holding charger longer) fit in my toothbrush?

A: Though not recommended, it is doable. Just be careful about the compressed spring that you will have to insert in the space and not to damage the battery plastic cover. Alternatively, you could cut the spring by 1/3 or so.