Electrical Toothbrush Repair Instruction, Replacement Battery and Repair Service

Battery Replacement and Repair Service

We started the repair service to help people to save a bit on these expensive toothbrushes. Though we can't justify the time spent on repairing, so many times we are truly motivated by the hearty words from and wonderful interaction with our customers. If you are looking for positive toothbrush repair experience, you come to the right place. For the following, we are grateful that she had the warmest consideration for us.

A customer, cohoel, who looked for a better way than feedback, wrote us the following recommendation: "The service is truly great. They provide a much needed service in an expert fashion, and are extremely responsive to their clients.

In October when the batteries in our Sonicare toothbrushes died and I tried to purchase replacement batteries from Phillips, they said it was impossible to replace the batteries, and that I had to dispose of the toothbrushes and buy new ones. I don't like to throw products away unnecessarily and so I searched for replacement batteries on Internet. The "E Toothbrush Care" store sells replacement batteries and also offers a replacement service that takes care of the delicate matter of opening the toothbrush handle, removing the old batteries, and soldering in the new ones. I chose the replacement service, and sent the handles to them per their clear instructions. They installed the new batteries and returned the handles to us promptly. The installation was excellent; I could see no signs that the toothbrush had been worked on. My husband thinks that with the new batteries the toothbrushes work better than new. Later on, they took the time to help solve an unrelated toothbrush problem. We recommend their service highly to any person with electrical toothbrush problems. Their service and attitude are excellent, and price is very reasonable."

Why spend a lot of money to buy a new toothbrush system, including toothbrush head, handle, and charger when you can fix your one one? Bring your toothbrush to life again by replacing the dead rechargeable battery with a new one. If the old battery dies down gradually, 95% of chance that replacing with a new battery will work. We replace it for you professionally. When you receive your handle back, it will work like new and should last as long as the battery in your old handle did.

Best of all, you pay only after your handle is tested to work after handle is fixed (except an inspection fee for DiamondClean model, see below for more details). Repair work is covered by 45 days service warranty. Refurbished parts are available for sales at the service price below.

We locate in US and provide this service for domestic and international customers. Email us for exact international shipping charge.

You get your handle repaired in the following steps:

  1. Email with your name, return shipping address, toothbrush handle model name and if possible, model number (we only service the models listed below), and a brief description of problem. Your request will be ignored if such information is not completed. Use the following template in your request email for your convenience. We will reply with shipping instruction within 24 hours. Check your email spam folder in case you don't receive our response.

    Name and Return Address:
    Model Name and Model Number:
    Brief Description of Problem: For example, Time between charge is getting shorter; Weak vibration; etc.

  2. Mail your handle at your expense (Suggest USPS First Class / Priority with tracking, UPS, or FedEx -- registered mail only takes longer thus not recommended).

  3. We replace battery/parts and test handle for a full charging and discharging cycle (at least a dozen 2-minute brushing after a full charge).

  4. We ship your handle back after payment is cleared.

Sometimes, toothbrush handle might require repair beyond a new battery, such as existing circuit board issues. In these cases, you will be provided with a detailed inspection report free of charge. If you decide not to repair, we can either recycle it for free or mail it back for a shipping and handling fee (see return shipping and handling charge below). Inspection fee applies to Philips DiamondClean model (See below for more details). NO inspection fee for all other models.

Our normal turnaround time is six (6) business days (3 business days for inspection and 3 business days for repair). For faster turnaround of two (2) business days (1 business day each for inspection and repair), send request by email and add expedited service fee of $6. In every case, the sooner we receive your handle, the sooner we turnaround: either ship back or provide an inspection report.

Payment method:

Paypal (preferred): Send payment to our Paypal payment address: after we notify that work is done. Please see the next paragraph on how to send Paypal payment. We will confirm when payment is received.

How to send Paypal payment: Login to your Paypal account, click on the "Send Money" tab on the top. In the "Send Money" page, enter our payment email address and amount of payment. Please choose "friends or family" to save the transaction fee on our side or you add 3.5% to the total amount. You don't pay transaction cost unless you use credit card or foreign bank account to fund. Doing so, you save the cost of mailing a check and there is no need to wait for personal check to clear.

Personal check: You can send a check together with your toothbrush handle and we deposit check only after a successful battery replacement or repair. If handle is not repairable and you don't want it back, we will tear off your check as you owe us nothing. Alternatively and especially if you want your handle back regardless repairable or not, it is better you send check after repair work is done. In all cases, we will communicate with you on the repair estimate in a timely manner. It takes up to 5 business days to clear a check.

Philips Sonicare Models Service Pricing Information:

Braun Oral-B Models Service Pricing Information: