Electrical Toothbrush Repair Instruction, Replacement Battery and Repair Service

Philips Sonicare Models:

Philips Sonicare Flexcare Model Toothbrush Battery Repair and Replacement Instruction

Tips & Warnings

  • We are not responsible for any damage or injuries you may incur in the process.
  • The process described is not recommended by the manufacturer, but can be done. It takes some practice, so be careful in attempting it.
  • Replacement batteries are provided in our Battery Store. The exact battery configuration and/or service offerings are described as clearly as possible in each listing. These instructions and battery recommendations are for your reference only and are NOT part of sales.

  • Tried and True Instructions

  • TOOLS: Solder; De-soldering braid; Soldering iron; Utility knife or Cutting pliers; Small-size and large-size flat-head screwdrivers.

  • Step 1: Deplete the old rechargeable battery by running the handle until it no longer turns on.
  • Step 2: Insert a large screwdriver (1/4 inch or slightly wider/thicker the better, in order to minimize damage to this fairly soft plastic of the base.) in the slot located at the bottom of the handle. Turn screwdriver counter-clockwise about 45 degrees to release the bottom cap.

  • Step 3: Carefully push the top shaft out to release the internal circuit board.

  • Step 4: Locate the two battery solder points on the circuit board. Use a small screwdriver to pry out the battery's end while un-soldering the solder joints one by one.